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BOMA 360 Frequently Asked Questions
What is the BOMA 360 Performance Program®?
The BOMA 360 Performance Program evaluates buildings against industry best practices in 6 major areas: building operations and management; life safety, security and risk management; training and education; energy; environmental/sustainability; and tenant relations/community involvement. Individual buildings that satisfy the requirements in all 6 areas are awarded the BOMA 360 designation.
Why did BOMA establish this program and why is it needed in the marketplace?
Building owners and managers are always seeking ways to differentiate their buildings against other properties in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The BOMA 360 designation signals to owners, investors, tenants and prospective tenants that your building is managed and operated to the highest standards in the industry.
How does the BOMA 360 program differ from other building recognition programs in the industry?
Other industry recognition programs focus on only certain areas of operation, such as green and sustainable operations. The BOMA 360 program takes a holistic approach by evaluating all major areas of operations and management.
How does the BOMA 360 program differ from The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY®) Awards Program?
The BOMA 360 Performance Program is not an awards program. Every applicant is eligible for recognition as a BOMA 360 Performance Building if it meets the requirements of the program. As BOMA 360 validates that the framework for operational excellence is achieved by a property management team, it is viewed as the step one for the TOBY Awards and for that reasoning has become a prerequisite for the TOBY Awards at the Regional level.
What benefits will my building receive by participating in the BOMA 360 program?
BOMA 360 recipients report that the designation has been a key factor in attracting and competing for tenants; in achieving operational savings and efficiencies; in establishing new operation or management policies or procedures; and in gaining recognition from owners, tenants and the community. Independent studies conducted by Kingsley Associates reports that BOMA 360 buildings earn higher scores in nearly all tenant satisfaction categories. Furthermore, a study conducted by CoStar reports that BOMA 360 buildings have higher tenant retention rates and command higher rental rates than similar buildings without the designation.
How will my building be recognized as a BOMA 360 Performance Building?
Buildings that achieve the BOMA 360 designation will receive the following: a certificate of achievement that can be used to publicize the achievement in the building; opportunity to purchase customized BOMA 360 merchandise to enhance the display of the achievement; listing in a BOMA 360 directory on BOMA’s Web site; recognition at the BOMA annual conference, Winter Business Meeting and other events; and opportunity to provide case studies for inclusion in BOMA publications. In addition, you may use the BOMA 360 logo on your company’s or building’s Web site and on letterhead, business cards, and marketing and collateral materials. You will also receive a marketing tool kit with ideas and templates for announcing your building’s achievement to owners, tenants, and brokers, and for advertising your achievement in the industry and the community.
How is the BOMA 360 program administered to ensure third-party verification?
An independent council appointed by the BOMA International Chair provides oversight for the program. Membership on the council includes at least 2 representatives from BOMA 360 buildings and 2 “public” members outside of BOMA. The council develops and updates program criteria, ensuring consistency with current industry best practices, and confers the designation. Audit procedures are in place to verify assessments.
What types of buildings are eligible to participate in the program?
All occupied commercial & industrial buildings, including owner-occupied buildings, are eligible to participate, as long as they meet the prerequisites. The program is open to both members and non-members of BOMA; however, application fees for non-members are higher.
What are the fees to participate?
Member Pricing: $850 (2023) | $995 (2024)
Non-Member Pricing: $1,335 (2023) | $1,500 (2024)
How do these fees support Local BOMA Associations? 
BOMA International provides 50% of BOMA 360 revenue for member buildings to our Locals in order to support operations, new programs and scholarship opportunities. 
What are the prerequisites to apply for the BOMA 360 designation?
Applicants must have the following in place for their building: a Standard Operating Procedures manual; a building preventive maintenance program; the energy performance for the building must be benchmarked using EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager.  
For Canadian buildings, participation in BOMA BEST or other commensurate energy benchmarking programs may be reported in lieu of ENERGY STAR® participation; however, BOMA BEST certification is not a requirement for participation. Applicants are asked to document these requirements when they begin their application.
How do I apply for the BOMA 360 designation for my building?
Applications are submitted online via BOMA International’s Recognition Portal ( Applications may be submitted at any time during the year and reviewed by members of the BOMA 360 Performance Program Council on a monthly basis. Applications submitted before the end of any given month will be reviewed within 45 days of the closure of the month in which you submit your application.
How long does it take to complete the BOMA 360 application?
Most applicants complete the BOMA 360 application in a few hours or days if the required documentation is well organized in advance; however, it may take several days or weeks to gather the documentation needed to start the application process if a building doesn’t have centralized documentation in place. Make sure that you complete your application within 90 days as application data is only stored in the system for 90 days! 
What are the deadlines and how long does it take to hear back on an application?
There are no longer quarterly deadlines, applications can be submitted anytime throughout the year. The BOMA 360 Performance Program Council reviews applications monthly and you should receive determinations within 45 days of the following month. For example, if you submit an application anytime between the 1st or 31st of May, you application will be reviewed in June and a determination will be provided on or before July 15th. 
Can I submit applications for my entire portfolio of buildings?
Yes, and BOMA encourages full portfolio participation to demonstrate your company’s commitment to management and operations best practices. Separate applications for each building are required; however, you will be eligible for a portfolio discount based on the number of buildings being submitted. Discount structure provided below:
30 Buildings: 25% Discount
25 Buildings: 20% Discount
20 Buildings: 15% Discount
15 Buildings: 10% Discount
10 Buildings: 5% Discount
To obtain a portfolio discount, please contact to obtain additional discount information.
For an office park or complex, is a separate application for each building required?
BOMA Recognition Programs (including BOMA 360 & BOMA BEST) multiple building submissions policy is as follows:
In most cases, each building requires a single submission. It is possible, however, for multiple buildings/structures to be assessed using a single submission.
Multiple buildings (or towers/structures) are considered an individual building requiring only one Questionnaire, if the following three conditions are met:
  1. The buildings must share an actual, physical connection that is complete and indivisible (e.g., a shared functional space that cannot be divided, such as underground parking, an atrium or conference space). Hallways or interior walking paths between buildings are not considered functional, shared space, even if they are lighted and/or heated. This requirement is consistent with the Energy Star Portfolio Manager (ESPM) definition of a “single structure”.
  2. Buildings must have the same primary use type (75% or more of each building is dedicated to the same use, such as “Office”).
  3. Buildings must be managed by the same management company and share policies.
Aspects that are NOT taken into consideration in the definition of an individual building:
  • Age of construction of each structure in the building.
  • Whether utilities are shared.
  • Whether consumption is sub-metered.
  • Whether HVAC equipment or other technologies are shared.
Buildings composed of multiple structures that meet the requirement for an individual building may be assessed using a single submission or multiple submissions may be submitted to capture the specificities of each structure (e.g., building tower). This decision is left to the Applicant.
Does the BOMA 360 designation require renewal?
Yes, recipients must re-apply every 3 years to maintain the designation and pay renewal fees within 90 days prior to expiration. BOMA International will contact all designees in advance of the expiration of your designation, but it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the renewal is submitted prior to expiration for it to be considered an ongoing designation.
What happens if a building is sold or management changes? 
BOMA 360 is bestowed onto the current property management team in which an application is submitted under. In the event a property is sold and/or a new property management company, the new property management company is required to submit a new BOMA 360 application under the new management company.
Are the records and other information submitted with the applications protected?
Yes, all information and supporting documentation from applicants will be kept in strictest confidence. Individual building data is not shared, published, or reported in any way.
Once I submit an application for my building, can I access that information in the future?
A benefit of BOMA International’s new Recognition Portal is continued access to application data for all submissions made after 2022. Although you are still able to access this information, BOMA International strongly encourages applicants to save copies of all information and documentation before submitting their application for future reference and renewal of applications. Please note that edits may not be made to a submitted application after you press submit, so you will need to ensure you are truly ready to submit before you make that action.
How can I get more information on the BOMA 360 Performance Program?
For more information, visit or e-mail 

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