About BOMA 360 and TOBY Awards

This universal recognition program serves as the industry standard for innovative best practices for properties that excel in building management by first applying for a BOMA 360 Designation. The program helps shape high performance buildings by providing an opportunity to educate property management professionals, reinforce team building, and increase asset value and tenant retention. 

After receiving a BOMA 360 Designation, it only makes sense to showcase your buildings accomplishments by applying for a TOBY Award! Learn more about BOMA 360 and TOBY today. 
The BOMA 360 Performance Program

What is BOMA 360?

The BOMA 360 Performance Program sets the standard worldwide for operational best practices in the commercial real estate industry. For building owners and managers who want to help their properties stand out from the crowd, there is no clearer mark of excellence than achieving the BOMA 360 designation.

Earning the prestigious BOMA 360 label demonstrates that a building is outperforming the competition across all areas of operations and management. Designees report the program helped them achieve operational efficiencies as well as higher levels of tenant satisfaction.

As the BOMA 360 program continues to expand around the globe, more and more properties are reaping the substantial benefits and significant return on investment that the designation offers, an unmistakable edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


For more than a decade, the BOMA 360 Performance Program has elevated operational best practices in the commercial real estate industry. We’re continuing that legacy by introducing our new, updated office and industrial criteria designed to help you keep your properties on the cutting edge and get the maximum ROI from your program participation. Once launched, certified member buildings using the BOMA 360 portal will be able to proceed to the TOBY supplemental portion for awards consideration.

Click here to view the revised criteria for office buildings and click here to view the newly created criteria for industrial buildings. If you have any questions or would like additional information about the BOMA 360 program, contact recognition@boma.org

The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) Award


What is TOBY?

The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY®) Award is the commercial real estate industry’s highest recognition honoring excellence in commercial building management and operations in specific categories of building type or size. For an opportunity to win a BOMA International TOBY Award, a property first must earn a BOMA 360 designation and win both local and regional competitions. Whether winning at the local, regional and/or international level of the competition, you gain the opportunity to showcase your buildings strengths and gain recognition for best-in-class operations and management with the most prestigious and comprehensive award of its kind in the commercial real estate industry.  Judging is based on criteria that includes community impact, tenant and employee relations programs, energy management, accessibility, emergency evacuation procedures, building personnel training programs and overall excellence. Building inspections are conducted by a team of industry experts.

Showcase Your Accomplishments

Receive the recognition your building deserves by following these easy tips to ensure your TOBY application stands out:

Start early to incorporate all requirements and have your building ready for the on-site inspection. 

Follow the guidelines carefully and include all requested attachments that support the applications. 

Include all stakeholders in the decision to enter and the entire management team in the application process to

        reinforce team building.  

Consider synergies between sections. For example, enhancements in technology can span multiple categories.

Keep track of all of the programs and events completed and quantify as much as possible – include dollar and 

        items totals for donations, energy savings and recycling statistics. Judges want to see the total impact of your

        programs. The most effective ways to do that are       

   through quantifying and engaging the tenant population through communication and participation.

If you aren’t successful the first time, keep trying to improve your team’s programs and initiatives and reapply. 

How Does It All Work?

The TOBY competition consists of three levels, beginning at the BOMA local association level. Winning entries advance to the regional level and then to the international level, where TOBY Awards are presented at the BOMA International Conference each year.

For your building to be honored as a TOBY Awards winner, your operations are evaluated and judged on various aspects, including:

Community Involvement

Occupant/Tenant Relations

Energy Conservation

Environmental, Sustainability, Health & Wellness

Life Safety, Security and Risk Management

Training and Education

Make sure you elevate your property by applying for the BOMA 360 designation, and then submit your TOBY application to compete for this quintessential accomplishment.